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How to Care for Your New Swim Suit

Swimsuit Care

Congratulations on finding the perfect, sexy swimsuit that fits you perfectly and makes you look and feel amazing! I am sure you will want to wear that swim suit for several seasons, so how do you keep it looking it's best?

Our suits are very well made, of high quality and durable fabric.  However, even the highest quality swimsuit can be damaged by all that we put them thru -- salt water, chlorine, sweat, tanning lotions, suntan oils, sand and surf are all hard on the fibers that make up your beautiful bathing suit. Sun bathing and chlorine can make them fade before their time. Here are some tips that should help you keep your swimsuit looking great for a long time:

  1. Rinse your suit in cold water after each wearing. Do NOT wash in a washing machine. Even cold water washing in a machine can stretch and ruin the shape of your bathing suit. Always wash by hand using mild soap. (if you must wash in a machine, use a lingerie bag or pillowcase to tie your swimsuit into and use cold water on the gentle cycle with mild detergent).
  2. Avoid long exposure to high levels of chlorine as it can break down the spandex of swimwear that gives it that resiliant stretchiness and also cause the colors to fade faster.
  3. Avoid rubbing against textured pool decks or cement paths that can ruin the surface of your swimsuit. 
  4. Avoid excessive lotions and oils. I suggest applying your lotion or oil before putting on your suit. Let it absorb fully into your skin before slipping on your swimsuit which also allows for more even coverage of sunscreen. When reapplying lotion during the day, massage gently into your skin - not your suit.
  5. Don’t wring or twist your swimsuit to dry it. Lay it flat between two towels and roll up, then gently press to absorb extra moisture. Then remove your swimsuit from the towels and lay it flat to let it air dry away from the sun.
  6. Never dry your bathing suit in an electric dryer. Even low heat can cause the spandex fibers to deform and lose their stretch.
  7. If you get a stain on your new swimsuit, dilute one part white vinegar in three parts warm water and soak. Then wash as normal in cold water with mild soap.
  8. Alternate between 2 or 3 swimsuits if you swim a lot. If you love the sun and water and swim more than 2-3 months of the year, I suggest having multiple swimsuits and changing off between them. This is especially true for those who enjoy water and beach sports like volleyball, jetskis, water skiing, etc. as the movement combined with sun, water, and sweat can make your suit lose its stretch faster. This prolongs the life of all of your swimsuits giving each one time to relax and reshape itself while drying. 
  9. Now show off your sexy swimsuit and bask in the complements every time you wear it!


Following these simple tips can take you thru many swim seasons looking awesome! 

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